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International students who interested in world-class education without having to go to the UK, Europe or the USA, they can now learn about Australia’s world-class education system, which is very close to Asia. In Australia, there are 8 top world universities and 35 top Australian universities, which are in line with their academic qualifications. The students can apply the entrance depending on the subject and requirements of the university.

Pathways programs are available for Myanmar students with only 11 years of education at some well-known Australian universities, whereby students can continue their undergraduate degree for the first year. Also, some of Australia’s most prestigious universities are linked with the well-known universities in the USA and UK, you can transfer and continue your first-year undergraduate studies in these countries.

The study period for undergraduate degree courses is 3 to 4 years depending on the subject. Students from Myanmar Students who are eligible for Postgraduate entry can attend through the Graduate Diploma and may take up to nine months. Starting from the students who have finished the high school, HND Diploma, NCC Advanced Diploma, GCE O Level and A Level graduates, undergraduates and those who have experienced in those fields can apply the Australian Higher Education Universities for further educational development.

Group of Eight

There are Group of Eight member universities that offer Australia’s world-class education internationally. All of these universities are known and heard by international students and Myanmar students as well.

• University of Melbourne

• Australian National University

• University of Sydney

• University of Queensland 

• Monash University

• University of New South Wales

• University of Western Australia

• University of Adelaide


Australia has an exceptional beauty with its unique geography and climate. It is on the southernmost part of the world. Its’ summer begins in December, and the winter in June. The temperature in the southern part of the country is down to zero, while most of the rest of the country have an average of 20 ° C. The Australian Capital Territory is very hot in the summer and freezing in winter. Sydney, where most of the universities located, has temperatures as low as 8 ° C in winter. Though Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania also have the same climate and temperature, Southern Australia is colder than the rest of Australia. In summer, temperatures range from 17 ° C to 30 ° C, while winter temperatures drop to 6 ° C in Southern Australia. Therefore, it is an advantage for you to know in advance the location of the school you will attend.

Living Style & Living Expenses

Living Style

Australia Citizens are friendly, helpful and happy people. They are willing to have a good relationship with International people in school. As there is no significant difference between Asian people, we believe that Burmese students will fit in the Australian lifestyle without any difficulties.

Australian loves sports including Australian Cricket and football. Besides that, the Australia Government also encourages sports because of having good weather. International students can enjoy sports and mingle with others.

Living Expense

If you want to study in Australia, you need to prepare for below are the costs. The estimated tuition costs are shown below and some fees may be higher depending on the major which the student has chosen.

School                                                   – $ 7,800 – $ 30,000

English Language Studies                        – Around $ 300 per week (depends on the study period)

Vocational Education and Training (VET)    – $ 4,000 to $ 22,000 (Diploma and Advanced Diploma)

Bachelor Degree                                     – $ 15,000 to $ 33,000 

Master Degree                                       – $ 20,000 to $ 37,000

Doctoral Degree                                     – $ 14,000 to $ 37,000

Please contact STUDY ABROAD Information Center for more information regarding on Student applications, Student Visa and the scholarship applications.

Universities & Education Group in Australia

Trinity College, University of Melbourne

In order to attend at the world best university for the 2018 “University of Melbourne”, the students first need to join Foundation Program at the Trinity College which is implementing Australia’s University of Melbourne program, after that the student can join at the first-year undergraduate program at the University of Melbourne. Being a world-class university, you do not need to worry about passing the entrance requirements or qualifications, you just need to study hard on the foundation program which can be high support to your first-year undergraduate program and continue your study at the university.

The University of Melbourne, founded in 1853, is an Australian university. Every Year, more than 12,000 international students come and study. The University is quite famous for subjects specializing in medicine and Physiology.

One of the Noble Prize winner, Peter Doherty teaches at this world’s leading international university and also renowned for the research.

Trinity College is located in the University of Melbourne campus and offers college preparatory programs. Trinity outstanding students have access to scholarships.

In addition, one of the advantages of Trinity College is that the college utilizes the E-learning system and uses the iPad in the classroom for the convenience of the students. It is also easy to access the instructional audio files and references at the university which can be new experiences for the international students.

For the students who have completed the foundation program, they can join the university first-year course whether at the University of Melbourne, University of Oxford (UK), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) or another world best Universities.

Similarly, the students can also choose to apply their universities such as Australian National University, Australia, University of Queensland, University of Sydney, Monash University, University of New South Wales, University of Western Australia and the University of Adelaide.

The students who passed the matriculation exam with an average of 70% in all subject can apply for the Foundation program at the Trinity College. As for the requirement of the proficiency in the English Language, the students have to meet with IELTS 5.5 and also IELTS 6.0 depending on the program you attend.

Study Group Australia 

The Study Group (International Study Center), offers college-level qualifications for colleges and universities, is made up of several schools in the UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. You can choose and take the following University routes at Study Group Australia.

The Australian National University

The Australian National University, founded in 1946, is one of the best Australian Government Universities in Australia. It is also a member of the Group of Eight Universities and one of the top 50 universities in the world. It is in Australian capital city, Canberra.

International Students can apply through the ANU University Foundation Program to attend at The Australian National University. ANU University Foundation Program is eligible for the students who passed the matriculation exam, IGCSE, American High School Diploma or IELTS (5.5). The Australian National University offers courses in Engineering & Computer Science, Business & Commerce, Arts, Society and Culture, Law, Environmental Science, Health & Medical. Students who have excelled in the Foundation program Students can also apply for private scholarships.

University of Sydney 

The University of Sydney is the first university in Australia. It is ranked 3 over 160 years, ranked 1 for the employment opportunity and ranked 5 for the world’s best universities in the world.  The University of Sydney is part of the Group of Eight, a consortium of leading Ranking High Universities in Australia.

For the international students who want to attend the Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Sydney, the University offers the University Preparation Program. After completing the Foundation Program, the students can continue to study the first year of the Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Sydney.

Among the Top 20 Universities curriculum, 9 of the curriculum are from the University of Sydney. In the University of Sydney, there are over 60,000 students from over 130 countries and over 6400 staff, and over 300,000 graduate students from 170 countries. As a world-class university, the University is of interest to the Asia-Pacific region and to the international community.

 University of Western Australia 

The University Of Western Australia (UWA) was founded in 1911. It is a member of the Group of Eight organization in Australia. According to Good University Guide 2018, the University Of Western Australia (UWA) got 5 star in Australia stresses on graduate pay-rate.

International students can be obtained the subjects such as Architecture, Arts, Business Education Engineering Computing, Mathematics, Law, Science, Medicine and Health Sciences through UWA Foundation Studies and may continue to study the undergraduate and graduate programs that correspond to them.

Students receive a 2-year residency visa upon graduation. UWA is in Perth and offers a wide range of job opportunities and the living expenses is quite low. Thus, international students come to study for these reasons.

Charles Sturt University  

Charles Sturt University is a public university which provides vocational training and also the vocational courses are offered to the graduates to gain employment opportunities as well. The Study Center at Charles Sturt University is located in many cities across Australia.

Charles Sturt University offers Undergraduate programs, business-related courses and IT courses. High school graduates having a minimum of 5.5 IELTS overall and a band average of 5.5 can join from Foundation. Master’s Degree Applicants must have at least one Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Degrees from Charles Sturt University are accredited by the Australian Government. Charles Sturt University is also affiliated with organizations and industries in Australia. So graduates can easily be recognized by the Employer.

Flinders University 

Flinders University is in Adelaide, which ranks the top 5 most suitable cities in the world. Adelaide is also one of the 10 safest cities in the world.

Students who have completed high school or GCE “O” level in Myanmar can attend the Flinders University Foundation Program. Flinders University offers Arts, Business, Commerce & Management, Computing & Mathematics, Creative Arts & Media, Culture & Communication, Engineering & Design, Government & International Relations, Education, Health, Law & Criminology, Medicine, Nursing & Midwifery, Psychology, Science & environment for the international students.

Navitas Australia

Navitas has partnered with universities to lead the world in higher education since 1994. It is an organization that provides the necessary skills to study in college and has been working with top universities in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Navitas Australia is currently affiliated with 14 Australian universities.

Curtin University (Western Australia)

Curtin University is located in Perth and is the Australian Government University and is the largest university in Western Australia. The University offers Business, Information Technology, Engineering, Nursing, Health Science, Arts, Design, Architecture, Hotel Management and Social Work.

The students who passed the matriculation exam from Myanmar and those with GCE O level qualifications can attend the Curtin University Pathway Program through Curtin College. After completing at the Curtin University Foundation program, you can start your first year at the University. The applicants who passed GCE “A” Level can apply to the Diploma program and can join directly to the university second year after completed Diploma.  

Deakin University (Victoria, Australia)

Deakin University is one of the top 2% universities in the world, with four campuses located in Melbourne, Geelong and Warrnambool. Deakin University Foundation and Diploma programs are offered through Deakin College. After completing the Foundation, you can start your first year at university. When the Diploma program is a success, you will be able to continue your university second year. Graduates from Myanmar, Graduate Diploma or Master Degree students can also apply Graduate Diploma and Master Degree program offered by the Deakin University.

Edith Cowan University (Western Australia)

Edith Cowan University, located in Western Australia, is the second-largest Campus after Curtin University. The University offers Business & Law, Engineering & Technology, Arts Humanities, Medical & Health Sciences, Nursing, Science, and Education. As for the Foundation and Diploma Pathway Programs, you can attend Edith Cowan University’s Pathway at Edith Cowan College. For the students who want to study a diploma program at Edith Cowan College are granted a scholarship for 10% of their school fees.

University of Adelaide (South Australia)

The University of Adelaide is the Australian Government University. According to Times Higher Education 2018, it ranks 8th highest-ranking in Australia’s top universities. The University of Adelaide pathway programs can learn through Eynesbury College.  Those who have completed the matriculation exam and IGCSE from Myanmar can attend the Foundation Studies program. After completing the Foundation Studies program, the students can attend the first year at the University of Adelaide. The University of Adelaide offers Engineering, Technology, Sciences, Health and Medical Sciences, Arts and Business for the international students.

Griffith University (Queensland, Australia)

Griffith University has a top 3% ranking of the world’s top universities and is one of Australia’s most prestigious top research universities. The University has 5 campus across in Queensland which are Gold Coast, Logan, Mt. Gravatt, Nathan and South Bank. If you do not meet the minimum requirements of the university, you can start Griffith University Foundation pathway programs at Griffith College and begin your first year of university. The University offers courses such as  Business and government, Criminology and law, Architecture, Construction and Planning, Education, Engineering and IT, Medicine,  Dentistry and Health, Science and Environment, Humanities,  languages and Social Science, Music and performing arts, Visual and creative arts for the international students.

James Cook University (Queensland, Australia) 

JJCU established the Townsville Campus in Townsville, Queensland which is in Australia, in the year 1990 and Cairns Campus in Cairns in 1986; Singapore Campus was opened in 2003 and there are 3 campuses in both countries. JCU offers the subjects such as Accounting, Business, Education, Information Technology, Tourism & Hospitality, Nursing, and Science for the international students. Those who finished the matriculation exam and IGCSE can attend the James Cook University Pre-University Foundation Program.

La Trobe University   (Victoria, Australia)

La Trobe University is in the top 50 in the world and is a research university located in Melbourne, Australia. At La Trobe University, you can choose different subjects from undergraduate to doctorate programs. The University offer courses in Business, IT & Humanities, Engineering & Computer Science, Health and Life Sciences, Economics and Law, Psychology. Those who passed the matriculation exam and IGCSE need to attend the Foundation Program at La Trobe College Australia and continue their first year at La Trobe University after completed the foundation program.

La Trobe University Sydney Campus (New South wales, Australia)

La Trobe University Sydney Campus opened in 2007. At the La Trobe University Sydney Campus, Bachelor Degree can be obtained from the Foundation Studies Pathway, Diploma and Accounting, International Business, Information Technology and Professional Accounting.For the Master’s Degree, we offer Project Management and International Business.

University of Newcastle (New South Wales, Australia)

The University of Newcastle is a global university, with an unchanged 1% global university rank. The university offers Faculty of Business and Law, Faculty of Education and Arts, Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Science and Information Technology. The students need to attend the Newcastle Foundation Program at Newcastle International College and continue to study the first year at University of Newcastle.

University of South Australia (South Australia, Australia)

The University of South Australia ranks in the top 1% of Australia’s top universities and is ranked 26th in the Young University ranking in the world’s top universities. We offer courses in Arts, Business, Engineering, Health Science and Information Technology.  The students need to attend the University of South Australia Foundation Program at South Australia Institutes of Business and technology which is situated at University of South Australia’s City East Campus and continue the first year at the university.

University of Canberra (Australia Capital Territory, Australia)

The University of Canberra is in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The University of Canberra is ranked among the top 10 universities in Australia by the Times Higher Education 2020. The university offers Faculty of Business, Government and Law, Faculty of Arts and Design, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Science and Technology for the Undergraduate Degree and Post Graduate Degree respectively.

Western Sydney University (New South Wales, Australia)

Western Sydney University is in Sydney, Australia, the University ranks in the top 2%. The University offer course in Business, Engineering, Health Science, Information and Communications Technology. Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees at Western Sydney University. Those who have completed high school and IGCSE need to attend the Foundation program. Then the students can begin their first year of university at the Western Sydney University.

Western Sydney University City Campus (New South Wales, Australia)

Located in Sydney, Australia, it is a place where people can live conveniently and the campus is a favourite of students. The university offer courses include Accounting, Business, Communication, Engineering, Engineering Science, Health Science, Information and Communication Technology, Information System, Social Sciences. Those who have completed high school and GCEO level need to attend the Foundation program. Then the students can begin their first year of university. 

Up Education, Australia 

Up Education provides students with the opportunity to study in countries such as New Zealand and Australia. It is an educational organization that provides the necessary skills to study in college. In Up Education, Foundation and Diploma classes are offered to attend the following universities.

Charles Darwin University (CDU)

Charles Darwin University is in the northern city of Darwin, Australia, and is the largest port city in the region. We offer courses in Business, Accounting, Arts, Computer Science, Engineering, Education, Health Science, law, Nursing, Information Technology, Social work. The students can study Bachelor Degree, Graduate Diplomas and Master Degrees at Charles Darwin University. Those who finished their high school from Myanmar can attend through the foundation studies programs. You can continue your first year of university after completing the foundation program. CDU graduates get the second-highest job opportunity and earn the highest salary.

University of Tasmania 

The University of Tasmania is in the beautiful state of Tasmania, Australia. It is also Australia’s fourth-oldest school. The University of Tasmania offers a variety of courses such as Art, Business, Science, Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Computing and IT, Design, Engineering. Those who finished the matriculation exam from Myanmar can participate in foundation programs. Upon completion of the foundation, you can continue your relevant undergraduate degree.

Swinburne University of Technology 

The Swinburne University of Technology is an Australian Public Research University based in Melbourne. At the Swinburne University of Technology, you can attend Foundation, Diploma, Bachelor, Graduate Diploma, Pre-Master and Master Degree levels. It is also a prestigious international university that offers Vocational Education Training (VET). The university offers Arts and Humanities, Aviation, Built environment and Architecture, Business, Design, Education, Engineering, Film and Television, Games and Animation, Health, Information Technology, Law, Media and Communication, Nursing, Psychology, Science. Those who finished the matriculation exam from Myanmar can participate in foundation programs. Upon completion of the foundation, you can continue your relevant undergraduate degree.