Sut Seng Naw, Bachelor of International Business Management (Northumbria University, Kaplan)

Sut Seng Naw, Bachelor of International Business Management (Northumbria University, Kaplan)

I’m Sut Seng Naw. The purpose of studying abroad is to have cultural experiences that are different from my own country and I want to be a self-reliant people like other international students from USA, UK and Australia Universities. Then I would like to use the knowledge and experience, which I gained here, in Myanmar.

I am attending B.A (Hons) International Business Management from Newcastle, Northumbria University in England at the Kaplan Higher Education Academy in Singapore. As I attended a Higher National Diploma in Business in Myanmar, I have learned the importance of economics. So I choose International Business Management, which I was interested in, for my bachelor degree.
After completing the HND Diploma, I wanted to attend a Bachelor Degree directly at a foreign university. So friends of mine introduced me to the STUDY ABROAD Information Center. My friend also got a chance to join RMIT University, an Australian university linked to the Singapore Institute of Management with the help of the STUDY ABROAD Information Center. At the STUDY ABROAD Information Center, I asked for information about courses and universities, which would be best for me. The education consultants at the STUDY ABROAD Information Center carefully explained me opportunities, I chose to attend internationally recognized universities, which is Northumbria University in Kaplan Singapore. And education advisors from STUDY ABROAD Information Center suggested that me to study a suitable subject that I am good at.

After graduation, I determine to get work experience in Singapore and other countries. After that, I have decided to continue a Master Degree in Australia. Then, I would return to Burma to work.

Nothing was difficult for me. STUDY ABROAD Information Center take responsible for obtaining the visa from school. They also prepared important certificates, transcripts and other important documents and made it possible for students to get admission in a short period. Unfortunately, after having a dream of studying abroad for five months, I learn about STUDY ABROAD Information Center. I would like to say that there are STUDY ABROAD Information Center in Myanmar to get the best information you need.

The first step to getting ready for study abroad is to study English carefully. And international students. The relationship with the students should also be good. There are some seminars and activities to promote good international relations in STUDY ABROAD Information Centre. And we should test ourselves to not make the wrong choice in a subject with strong self-interest. We should ask for lecturers and seniors experience and ask for advice. If you want a more detailed discussion, I’d like to say that the STUDY ABROAD Information Center is the best for you to contact.