Study in New Zealand (Contact: 09 5151008, 09 420099997)

Study in New Zealand (Contact: 09 5151008, 09 420099997)

◼︎ If you plan to study abroad for your future, you have to look for universities that offer advanced education systems and advanced technology. New Zealand is one of the world’s leading institutions of higher education. It is well-known for providing quality education with a fair amount of tuition fees and living expenses for international students. As a result of this, international students are choosing New Zealand as their study destination every year.

◼︎ New Zealand not only has comfortable living expenses, safe environment and multinationals but also can be learned many custom and culture for international students. If you have a specified score for the entry to Universities in New Zealand, you would have easy access with no age restrictions.

Cost of Study in New Zealand

◼︎ The cost of living in New Zealand is much cheaper than other famous countries such as Canada, Australia, UK and USA. International students really enjoy having clean foods, fair, affordable and convenient accommodation, and good transportation in New Zealand. So, New Zealand is a good choice for international students who want to study abroad.

◼︎ The cost of the New Zealand Universities is $18,000 – $25,000 for undergraduate classes and $25,000 – $40,000 for postgraduate classes. And the cost of living for one year is $12,000 – $15,000. New Zealand’s education system is based on the British education system. And the Government of New Zealand has developed a comprehensive and well-established education system to guarantee the standard of education and quality of teaching.

 Working Part-time

◼︎ International students can work for 20 hours a week while studying in New Zealand. Many students even look for part-time jobs at the universities they attend.  


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◼︎ To discuss in person for your education pathway tailored to your learning needs and get more information about the scholarship or study grant, we warmly invite you to inquiry in person in STUDY ABROAD Information Centre. You can reach us at 09-5151008, 09-4200 99997.