Kyar Nyo Thwe Thin, Diploma in Animation (LASALLE College of the Arts)

Kyar Nyo Thwe Thin, Diploma in Animation (LASALLE College of the Arts)

Hi guys, I am Kyar Nyo Thwe Thin. At 12 years, I decided to go abroad. Now, I am 19 years old.
The main thing is that my parents want me to have a good education. My parents decided me to study abroad based on their faith. When I chose to attend Secondary School in Singapore, there were not many International Standard school. But now I have decided to further study in Singapore to fulfil my dream of becoming an Animation Artist, my childhood dream.

I enrol Diploma in Animation at LASALLE College of the Arts because this subject is a step towards becoming an Animation Artist.

After choosing LASALLE College of the Arts, I first studied on the internet. Many of my friends are also in LASALLE, so it’s good for me. One of my teachers recommended STUDY ABROAD Information Centre to apply for school, so I went to STUDY ABROAD Information Centre. Counsellors from STUDY ABROAD helped with everything. When I graduated, I want to continue studying in another country though I have not determined where to go.

I do not have any problem when applying to LASALLE College of the Arts. Officers from STUDY ABROAD Information Centre helped me from Enrollment from the visa. So thank you very much to STUDY ABROAD.

I would recommend to anyone who wants to go to a foreign country to learn that English is the best way to communicate with others. And I would like to make sure you carefully study what you want to do and the best courses for your future. STUDY ABROAD Information Centre offers a wide range of Universities from many countries. Therefore, we recommend you go to STUDY ABROAD and ask for your needs.