Aung Kha, Diploma in Construction Engineering (Nanyang Institute of Management)

Aung Kha, Diploma in Construction Engineering (Nanyang Institute of Management)

My name is Aung Ka. I am attending Construction Engineering at Nanyang Institute of Management. The decision to attend a foreign school is to pursue a foreign experience and to get a good education system. After graduation, I would return to Myanmar to apply the skills and experience I have learned.

I am interested in the field of Construction Engineering as Infrastructure is much more important to Myanmar being a developing country. It is a good choice to involve development in Myanmar when I come back to Burma.

When choosing a school, I first search for my favourite subject on the Internet. When I inquired about the school, I learned of the STUDY ABROAD Information Center from my brother. In the meantime, I contacted STUDY ABROAD Information Center to find out more about Singapore Institutions. After receiving full information about the tuitions fees, ranking and education pathway, I decided to study at Nanyang Institute of Management.

After graduation, I am planing to work either in Singapore or Australia.

There are no difficulties when applying to Nanyang Institute of Management in Singapore. It is really convenient that STUDY ABROAD has provided me with completed information about the necessary documents and other things until you apply for a visa. Therefore, I strongly recommend you to apply with STUDY ABROAD information.