Apply for PSB Ambassador Search 2020 & Get 50% Scholarship (Contact : 09 5151008, 09 420099997)

Apply for PSB Ambassador Search 2020 & Get 50% Scholarship (Contact : 09 5151008, 09 420099997)

◼︎ We bring good news for you that you can apply for PSB Ambassador Search 2020, which can save up to 50% Tuition fees for Diploma at PSB Academy. This award would be for the upcoming October 2020 intake. Students, who are graduate for Myanmar High School and IGCSE, can apply for PSB Ambassador Search 2020 at STUDY ABROAD Information Centre.

◼︎ Lets us share more information about PSB Academy, which is a 50-year-old institution and opened by Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew. PSB Academy has been recognized by the Singapore Association for Private Education and the Committee for Private Education (CPE). Besides that PSB Academy is recognized as one of the Best Private Education Institution in Singapore and Provider of Largest MBA Programs Award.

◼︎ PSB Academy offers many majors such as Business Administration, Accounting and Finance, Supply Chain Management, Digital Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality Management, Info Comm Technology, Network Defence and Forensic Countermeasures, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology, Media and Communication, Sports and Exercise Sciences, Life Sciences.

◼︎ Students can join PSB Academy from Foundation Program to Diploma, Bachelor Degree and Master Degree. There are 4 intakes, which are January intake, April Intake, July Intake and October Intake, a year in PSB Academy. The good news for coming October 2020 would be that PSB Academy offers PSB Ambassador Search Scholarship.

◼︎ PSB Academy always organizes work-related seminars, career fairs, practical field trips, industry-partner talks, networking events to provide more job opportunities to PSB students. Thus, if you study at PSB Academy, you would be prepared for these to get ready for your job hunting after graduation.

◼︎ To discuss in person for your education pathway tailored to your learning needs and get more information about study grant, we would like to invite you to inquiry in person in STUDY ABROAD Information Centre. For HND graduates and those who want to pursue a Master’s degree, kindly contact us for more information about study grant in PSB Academy for coming intake. You can reach us at 09-5151008, 09-4200 99997.