Apply for Community College and Join California State University (Contact: 09 5151008, 09 420099997)

Apply for Community College and Join California State University (Contact: 09 5151008, 09 420099997)

■ Once you have decided to go abroad, course, country, and school choice would be really crucial for your study plan. To achieve your goals in life, you need to get on the right path of education and get a solid education for the future. Thus, we would like to share about Ohlone College that provides a good education system for international students.

■ Ohlone College is an American college in the United States. It is located in Fremont, a safe and beautiful town in California. You can reach San Francisco by train. You can visit Silicon Valley where technologically Innovative companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, and Netflix can visit the picturesque beaches.

■ Students from over 40 countries are attending Ohlone Community Colleges, one of the Top 10 Colleges in California’s Community Colleges. International students who attend two years at Ohlone Community Colleges will need to continue another two years at California State Universities, which are affiliated with Ohlone Community Colleges, and will earn a bachelor’s degree at low cost.

■ Universities that are generally transferring for the next two years after their study in the Ohlone Community Colleges for two years would be :

🔹UC Berkeley
🔹San Jose State University
🔹UC Davis and
🔹US San Diego

As a subject, you will learn many subjects related to Business, Computer Science, Engineering and Economics.

■ Therefore, you are cordially welcome from STUDY ABROAD Information Center where you can find out details information about Ohlone Community Colleges.

To discuss in person for your education pathway tailored to your learning needs and get more information about the scholarship or study grant, we warmly invite you to inquiry in person in STUDY ABROAD Information Centre. You can reach us at 09-5151008, 09-4200 99997.